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Dental Clinic of the Year 2018

IMTJ Awards 2018

Media Release (31 May 2018)

Budapest dental clinic wins major international award

Kreativ Dental Clinic named International Dental Clinic of the Year in IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018

Kreativ Dental Clinic has won a major international medical tourism award for their achievements in attracting international patients to Budapest, Hungary.

Kreativ Dental Clinic were named International Dental Clinic of the Year 2018 by medical travel publication, the International Medical Travel Journal, at their annual awards ceremony, the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018 (

The awards were presented on 23 May at a high-profile reception in Athens, Greece during the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit ( which brought together leading healthcare providers and medical tourism experts from around the world. The Awards were generously supported by Elitour, Medical Korea, the Hellenic Motor Museum, Radisson Blu, Argo Travel and Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau.

IMTJ Award 2018

CEO of Kreativ Dental Clinic, Attila Knott says:

“We are very pleased with this achievement as leader in dental tourism. It is really motivating for our staff and reassuring for our patients to know they are in the right place where the best possible treatment is available. I am honoured that IMTJ has recognised our efforts and hard work by presenting us with the title of Dental Clinic of the Year. We hope that due to this more new patients will discover us and we can help improve their quality of life by providing them with comprehensive long-term dental care.”

Editor in Chief of IMTJ, Keith Pollard says:

“The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in the medical travel, medical tourism and health tourism industry worldwide, and are the only independent awards to recognise those who are the best of the best. Our panel of 20 international judges wanted to reward innovation and excellence, highlight best practice and celebrate those who are leading the way in the industry and delivering successful outcomes for patients “All of our winners exemplify the way the medical travel industry should operate –offering an exceptional patient experience and providing the best possible medical outcomes. I’m already looking forward to next year’s awards; I encourage other hospitals, clinics and medical travel providers to raise their game to match or even better this year’s winners.”