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The Clinic

Kreativ Dental has offered unrivalled world class dental treatment in Budapest since the establishment of our first clinic in 1996. Hungary is known as the "Capital of Dental Tourism" not just because we offer affordable dental services compared to Western European dental clinics but also because the standard of dental care provided by us meets or exceeds the standards found anywhere else in the world.

Our clinic is the most advanced purpose-built Dental Clinic in Europe. To take a 3D tour, click here.

The Clinic The Clinic

We specialise in Dental Implants, Artificial Bone Replacement, Sinus Lifting, Periodontal Surgery, Dental CAT Scans, and Porcelain Crown and Bridgework.

The Clinic The Clinic The Clinic

Cosmetic dentistry is another area of speciality for us. Our porcelain crowns are manufactured in our world-class laboratory. The laboratory is on-site and is equipped with the latest German and Japanese technology. But most importantly, 6 of our dental technicians are master craftsmen.