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CAT Scan

Cat Scan

What is a CT Scan ? (or CAT Scan)

Computerized (Axial) Tomography , also called a CT Scan (or CAT Scan), is special x-ray equipment that obtains many images from different angles and then combines them together to show a cross-section of the jaws. The CT Scan can also reveal nerves, maxillary sinuses and other anatomical landmarks.

The CT Scan does not take a long time , is non-invasive and requires only a very low radiation exposure. CT scanning is a great aid to specific diagnosis, helping your dentist to determine potential problem areas and in most cases substitutes exploratory surgery.

One of the highly trained assistants will take the CT Scan, and then your Implantologist and Dentist will evaluate it and plan the treatment accordingly.

Why have a CT Scan?

There are specific cases within the practice of Oral Surgery and Implantology where the Ortho-Pantograph (OP) X-ray is too limited to provide anatomical data to allow us to perform a procedure. In these cases we must use the CT Scan system before the procedure.

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