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Face Bow Registration

Face Bow Registration (gnathological treatment) is a special part of dentistry. First a dental examination takes place, namely the occlusion of the upper and lower jaws, that is, the fitting of the upper and lower teeth against each other in order to determine how the joints and muscles of the jaws are functioning.

Malocclusion can cause health problems, such as insomnia, facial pain, TMJ and headaches. Usually the patient is not aware that they have this problem and the dentist is often unable to discover a bad occlusion through standard examination.

Gnathological Treatment allows the dentist to measure the interactions of the jaws with specific devices and treat the patient according to what is determined by the examination.

Arcus Digma 2

Arcus Digma 2 from KaVo

In 2010 Kreativ introduced the Arcus Digma 2, a high-tech bite registration system for patients who have experienced bite discomfort. Kreativ’s dental specialists use this advanced computerised technique to survey the patient’s bite problems in ultrasonic 3D and treat them accordingly.

The Arcus Digma 2 measures and records the movements and positions of the patient’s jaws. These values are then used by Kreativ’s on-site laboratory ensuring a precision fitting of restorations.

If necessary bite adjustments are not carried out, patients risk damaging their dental restoration, as well as their jaws and teeth. This new technology has proven to be reliable in diagnosis and therapy, and provides the most accurate end result.

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