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The Clinic in 3d


Our purpose-built clinic comprises 8 new state-of-the-art surgeries in which our team of 10 highly-qualified dentists delivers unrivalled dental treatment.

KaVo Estetica Comfort 1065 T Dental Chairs

KaVo Estetica Comfort 1065 T Dental Chairs

Designed for the patient's comfort, and equipped with the latest technology for precision dentistry.

The Wand

STA Single Tooth Anesthesia and Wand Plus System®

Milestone Scientific’s award-winning STA Single Tooth Anesthesia and Wand Plus System® unit combines patented, state-of-the-art computer-controlled injection technology with the dentist’s training to allow even the most difficult tooth to be numbed virtually painlessly.

Zeiss OPMI Pico Surgical Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Pico Surgical Microscope, and Zeiss Loupes

The Zeiss OPMI Pico, providing 21.3x magnification, is used exclusively by our Endodontist for Root Canal Treatment.

Zeiss Loupes, providing 3.5x magnification, are regularly used by our dentists for crown and bridge preparation, and for fillings.

Arcus Digma 2


The Arcus Digma II from KaVo represents the next generation of innovative, practical diagnostic technologies.   The ARCUS Digma2 measures and records the movements and positions of the patient’s jaws. These values are then used by Kreativ’s on-site laboratory ensuring a precision fit and efficient production of restorations. It can greatly assist in diagnosing diseases of the temporomandibular joint - TMJ.

DENTEK LD-15 Laser Unit

DENTEK LD-15 Laser Unit

The laser unit is used by the Implantologist for exposing implant sites, and for Periodontal Surgery.

Dürr VistaCam

Dürr VistaCam - Intraoral Camera System

The intraoral wireless camera provides the patient with an on-screen view of her/his current dental condition.

Picasso Pro Dental CAT

Picasso Pro Dental CAT

The Picasso Pro produces a high-definition three-dimensional image. It enables the Implantologist to assess a patient's suitability for Implants, and allow better diagnoses to be given for Root Canal Treatment.

Planmeca ProMax

Planmeca ProMax

The Planmeca ProMax is used to provide the dentist with an Ortho-Pantograph X-Ray of the tooth arch, the jaw, maxillary sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! Whitening

We offer Zoom! Whitening Treatment which takes 45 minutes, is safe and comfortable, and guarantees long lasting results.

Vita Easy Shade

Vita Easyshade

The Vita Easyshade is a digital spectrophotometer which can measure up to 45 different shades enabling the dentists and technicians to match your natural tooth colour to ensure optimal restoration work.

The dental team and laboratory technicians use the most advanced dental equipment from Germany and Japan, and work closely together to ensure results of the highest standard.