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Combination Work

(Bridge + Removable Denture)

Consists of 2 parts:
- fixed/cemented bridgework
- removable partial denture

Combination work can be a viable dental solution if a patient does not have enough natural teeth for bridgework, or if the placing of dental implants is not possible.

The existing teeth are pared down and porcelain bridgework is prepared which is then cemented in place.

Combination Work Combination Work

Because the fixed part is unable to move, it increases the stability of the removeable denture part. This stability is essentially provided by the „connecting” attachment between the fixed part (bridgework) and the removeable part (denture).

The optimal result is given by the „precision attachment” fixture (Preci-Vertix), which attaches the bridgework to the partial denture.

Because the denture is based on a strong metal plate, it is smaller in size and is less obtrusive in the mouth. Because the existing teeth are connected in a bridge, they are kept in line. Therefore the biting pressure is borne by all the teeth and not just by the partial denture.

This increases the longevity of the whole restoration work, and reduces bone resorption.

Combination Work Combination Work

Sometimes it can be necessary to have relinings or adjustments made to partial or full dentures. In this case we offer free relinings/adjustments at our clinic but the travel and hotel costs are paid by the patient. Alternatively you have the possibility to have such corrections with your own local dentist or our partner dentist in your home country.

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