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E.Max - Secrets of Quality

After last year’s fantastic series of advanced training courses our dental technicians have not had to wait long for another world famous presenter. In January this year during a 3-day theory and practical presentation series, Kreativ Dental Clinic’s ceramists could question and observe one of the world’s most recognised masters of e.max technology, Michele Temperani.

Previous presenters have included:
Dr. Prof. Ulrich Wegmann, gnathology professor from the University of Bonn,
Herbert Thiel, perhaps Germany’s most famous master dental technician,
Andreja George, master ceramist from Liechtenstein
Florin Stroboran, e.max specialist
Dieter Grüebel, an equally big-name Liechtenstein presenter

Until now, both press and layered porcelain-glass restorations have been made with outstanding aesthetical and functional results, to the great satisfaction of patients visiting our clinic, however our technicians still had numerous questions to put to the Italian master. They asked about such small and perhaps at times secret professional details, the answers to which can only be obtained by those privileged few who can see the most professional solutions and hear affirmative answers in person, sitting at the same work surface, observing things close-up.

Mr Temperani repeatedly fascinated Kreativ Dental Clinic’s technicians with his extensive theoretical and practical presentations during which he did not forget about Kreativ Dental Clinic’s dentists either. The famous Italian held a separate presentation for them in which he used professional photos to show those dental medical details which can help dental technicians in producing exceptional works which are as aesthetically and functionally perfect as possible.
For the Kreativ Dental Clinic team, constant and up-to-date professional training is really not just an empty slogan but very much an obtainable reality.