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“There are a whole range of people abroad doing it but Kreativ staod out. I’m very happy I chose them and since then I would recommend them to anybody,” - Jerry Tromans, financial officer, MOD, Bristol.

The Kreativ Dental Clinic is unique. Nowhere else in Hungary will you find such a concentration of dental expertise and excellence. Our success is ensured by the following factors:

The advantages of Kreativ Dental

  1. Dr Louis Patonay We have an exceptionally talented and experienced Maxillo-Facial Dental Surgeon Dr Louis Patonay working in our clinic since 1998 as a head dentist who has been invited to numerous Implantology conferences and speeches from Tokyo to London and from Berlin to Paris

  2. Janos Rendetzky Our dental laboratory is a Vita Master certified laboratory. Vita is a biggest dental ceramic producer in the World, located in Germany. We have Janos Rendetzky master ceramist as the leader of our ceramic department, who was for a decade an official Vita demonstrator

  3. We have 20 dental technicians among them, 6 have a master degree
  4. We have 7 general dentists, 2 endodontists, 1 periodontist and 1 maxillo-facial surgeon
  5. The main core of our dental team has been working for more than 10 years together including the dentists and the dental technicians, therefore efficiency and quality have been maximized
  6. In order to secure a flawless operation, we have 11 translators and patient managers to help all of our patients
  7. In 2015 we became in dental tourism the second best in the World, and Europe’s number 1 , rated by IMTJ
  8. We have 7 exceptionally trained dental hygienists
  9. We are treating on average 700 patients per month with the most difficult and challenging dental problems, therefore we have gained a significant advantage and routine against other smaller-sized dental clinics, where they are conducting dental tourism as well
  10. We are providing the best guarantee policy towards our patients because our ongoing quality level enables us to do so
  11. Kreativ Dental is the only dental clinic who has a 7 days a week 24 hours a day airport desk office at the Budapest Airport. It is a great help for our patients and logistics
  12. We have free airport transfers and a free shuttle between the clinic and Hotel Arena
  13. In our partner hotels we provide a free night as well as a discounted price
  14. In all our partner countries we have very well-trained local native dental representatives who are answering all the questions of their patients
  15. We have just placed our 8000th DIO implant

Our laboratory is on-site

Only at Kreativ Dental will you find an on-site laboratory of this size and sophistication in Budapest.

Laboratory Laboratory

The quality of the work leaving our laboratory is unrivalled and of a consistently high standard. Our laboratory is led by International Master Ceramist János Rendetzky who supervises an expert team of dental technical specialists qualified above European standards.

Our guarantee


The Kreativ Dental Guarantee is the most comprehensive guarantee offered by any dental clinic in Budapest. If you look closely at the guarantee offered by other clinics you will notice a big difference in the guarantee terms. Most only offer a 2-3 year guarantee for extensive crown and bridgework and many won't even pay your flights if you need to return to Budapest. Kreativ Dental agrees to meet your travel and accommodation costs should you require any correction work covered by the guarantee.

Our technology


All our dentists, dental technicians and assistants use the most advanced dental equipment from Germany and Japan to deliver dental treatment of the highest standard.

Our service

Our Service

We are driven by quality of service as well as quality of treatment, and our team makes every effort to provide the best dental experience for you. We also provide a free taxi service to and from the airport.