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Kristian from Dublin Ireland

Hello Mary, I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how i got on in Budapest. Well, I’m quite impressed with the team at Kreativ and very much enjoyed the city. The folk are an honest and sincere people which really appeals to me as it’s not the Ireland of today. The city is beautiful and has far more to see that I expected or had time for, so I’ll look forward to my next trip for that too. To be fair I’m going yo try and learn some of the language too. As I expected I need more work than I hoped but it would not have been possible to have it done here as is the same with many folk who do not know of the options of going abroad. Having established at my first appointment that braces were my best option, and that this meant needing my wisdom teeth removed and staying a few days for observation, I feel this could have been done on this first visit. Preferring to have this done by Kreativ, rather than another practice here, this now means I need to make a second trip to complete Phase 1 of a three phase p