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David Thomas from Ireland

Hi Mary- Well that was a very positive experience. My second treatment was carried out by Naomi and I was very impressed; she is so thorough. Preparing my mouth for the bridgework a week last Monday was a long job and I don’t think I have previously sat for such a continuous period in a dentist’s chair, but the after was benign and an hour later I was sitting down to a concert in the Liszt (how do you spell that!?) Auditorium and afterward had a nice supper across the road. It is a very good clinic and I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for good dentistry. One of the factors that goes toward making it so attractive is the ease of getting there and the ridiculously cheap airfares we have now. This situation isn’t going to last though and I wonder that will be the impact of 3 and 4 times real increase in fuel costs. Time will tell!!