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Welcome Back Everyone


  • International Clinic of the Year
  • Holder of two “Best In Europe” awards
  • Free consultation, flight and hotel *
  • Prices up to 70% per cent less than elsewhere
IMTJ Award 2018

The award winning Kreativ Dental Clinic is now fully operational and welcoming back international  patients as the Covid 19 pandemic recedes into the background.

Holder of the Best Clinic in the World title from the International Medical Trade Journal, Kreativ was forced to temporarily close last year but successfully bounced back after achieving optimum  hygiene improvements.

This  eventually led to a steady stream of international patients who managed to arrive either under their own steam or under a medical exemption.

With most of Kreativ patients now falling into the priority double jabbed age group, this has now added to the confidence in returning to Budapest where all restrictions have ended.

As such, this has marked the re-birth of dental tourism, where patients combine a trip to Budapest with savings of up to 70% on quality treatment which rivals anything offered privately anywhere in the world.

“With travel returning to normal, the time has come to welcome all patients – both new and old – back,” says Attila Knot, managing director and owner of Kreativ. “And our agents across the world are now reporting business as usual . . “

“True we have been able to maintain a level of service but not everyone has felt comfortable to travel over.

“After all,It has been a difficult time for everyone but we have built a strong foundation over the years and our team has stayed with us – and now we are going to open up fully once again, offering the best treatment to be found anywhere to everyone.

“We hold the title of Best Clinic in the World  and fully intend to still live up to it .  . .”

Achieving Best In World Status

  • A panel of 20 international judges adjudicated at the IMTJ Awards which are the only independent accolades to recognise “the best of the best.”
  • Kreativ  chosen to celebrate “outstanding achievement”
  • Delivering successful outcomes for patients was the key to winning

“We are very pleased with this achievement as leader in dental tourism. It is really motivating for our staff and reassuring for our patients to know they are in the right place where the best possible treatment is available,” says Attila Knott, Kreativ’s managing director.

“And no more so than now after the pandemic .. .”