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At Kreativ Dental we are regularly involved with patients who require difficult and complicated dental treatment. We at Kreativ Dental work as a team and consultations frequently include an Implantologist, a restorative dentist and a dental technician in a chair-side discussion with the patient to ensure the best result is achieved.

We are often asked why we do not offer a dental consultation in Ireland or the UK.

Our view on this is uncompromising: accurate planning of your dental treatment is vital. If the initial plan is flawed, it follows that the final result may not be the best possible outcome for you.

It would not be possible to guarantee this level of professionalism anywhere else other than our own premises in Budapest, Hungary.

In order to conduct an accurate assessment of a patient's needs it is vital to have access to diagnostic tools such as OPG x-rays, digital x-rays and CT scans.

It is essential that the dental specialists involved in the treatment can examine the patient at the initial consultation. We believe that offering consultations off-site would inevitably result in confusion and disappointment.

Free consultation package available with flight refund and accommodation discount.