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Arcus Digma2

The Arcus Digma2 from Kavo represents the next generation of innovative, practical diagnostic technologies.

Arcus Digma

The Arcus Digma2 is an ultrasonic instrument complemented by a computer module which allows us to study the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) while it is working. The temporomandibular joint is the most complicated joint in the human body due to its three-dimensional spatial movements of rotation and translation. This technology also helps in determining the exact height of the bite which has significance in the cases of large-span prostheses, dentures, and prostheses produced for implants.

There can be several causes of damage to the joint:

* missing teeth
* teeth grinding (bruxism)
* incorrectly prepared fillings and dental prostheses

Local symptoms of an affected joint:

* an audible pop when opening or closing the mouth
* limited ability to open the mouth
* pain, especially in the morning hours

There are also general symptoms associated with TMJ problems:

* constant headache, migraine
* ear pain
* balance problems
* sinus pain
* sore throat
* pain in the neck and shoulders

The ARCUS Digma2 measures and records the movements and positions of the patient’s jaws. These values are then used by Kreativ’s on-site laboratory ensuring a precision fit and efficient production of restorations. In combination, the ARCUS digma and the Protar articulation system offers the dentist and the laboratory technician a simplified approach to creating a more aesthetic and functional prosthesis.