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Update from the management of Kreativ Dental Clinic, regarding Coronavirus disease


In accordance with national and international regulations we have introduced the measures required to ensure the safety and protection of our patients and staff.

Arrival and airport desk:

As the only dental clinic to provide an exclusive airport desk, you do not need to search for a driver or wait around in the crowd at arrivals. You can confidently proceed straight to our airport desk in Terminal 2A thus reducing your contact with other people.

We have installed a plexi screen at the desk, our staff all wear mask and gloves, and we will provide a mask and a pair of gloves to all arriving patients and companions if they don't already have some. At the desk there is also a hand sanitiser dispenser for disinfecting your hands.

Airport transfer:

Not only will our drivers be wearing mask and gloves, but we also regularly disinfect our airport transfer taxis after each ride. Our airport taxis which normally carry up to four passenger will be able to carry two passengers, if those persons are otherwise traveling separately. If it is a group or family arriving we can carry those persons together. Our airport minivan and the hotel shuttle which normally carried eight persons will now be able to carry four persons.

Arrival at Danubius Hotel Helia:

Despite the current situation resulting in Hotels Arena and Hungaria closing temporarily (until 01 January 2021) we have secured a new partner hotel for our patients. Danubius Hotel Helia is located opposite Margaret Island on the Pest side and fully complies with the new pandemic regulations. Details are here

Shuttle bus to Clinic:

The frequent shuttle bus service for our patients staying at the partner hotel remains, however we have limited the number of patients that can travel at one time as well as introducing a hand sanitiser dispenser in the vehicle. In the vehicle patients must wear their mask and gloves.

Arrival at Kreativ Dental Clinic:

further to the strict measures we have always taken regarding infection control, we have carried out the following changes to our service to ensure your protection:

  • a plexi screen has been installed at reception where you would sign in as normal
  • the current Hungarian regulation of 1.5m distancing between persons in maintained in the clinic by limiting the number of patients in the waiting areas and SkyCafé and using only every other chair
  • the hotel shuttle timetable and dental appointments are being scheduled in such a way as to reduce as much as possible the amount of time a patient should spned in the clinic before and after their appointment time

Treatment at Kreativ Dental Clinic:

All staff treating you will be wearing the required protective clothing and will be following the new protocols for your protection.

All patients are provided with and must wear personal protecive equipment (PPE) which means coverings for shoes, a smock, a hair covering, mask and gloves. These remain on the patient during their time in the surgery and will be removed before the patient leaves. The PPE is sealed in a protective bag bearing the patient's name/patient number and is disinfected overnight for the patient to use at the following appointment.

Hungarian regulations dictate the following measures which we strictly adhere to: Aerosol reduction - we are minimising as much as possible those techniques/procedures which produce aerosols which can enable the spread of a virus.

Correct clothing and disinfection of clothing and body surfaces, disinfection of work surfaces and equipment. This must be carried out after each patient and is time consuming so we are grateful for your kind understanding and patience.

All staff will wear masks to prevent infection during close-up communication. Your dentist will also be wearing a plexi face mask.

On entering the surgery:

  • we will check your temperature with a laser thermometer
  • you will be given a mask
  • after disinfecting your hands you will be given gloves (?)
  • you will put on a long-sleeved gown and hat
  • you will need to fill in a questionaire about covid 19 regarding travel and possible contact with infected persons
  • each treatment will begin with a mouth wash of 1% hydrogen peroxide
  • you will be informed that due to the pandemic situation we will be following isolation and disinfection protocols and therefore this means increased treatment times and some increase in cost (50EUR per patient per visit to Budapest)
  • Dental hygienic treatments will be carried out manually without ultrasound equipment

After your dental treatment we will disinfect your hands and face, as well as rinsing your mouth with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. You will still wear a mask until you have left the clinic.

Air cleaning and circulation:

As a purpose built clinic, Kreativ Dental has always had a state of the art air filtration and circulation system to ensure clean air for its patients and staff to prevent the spread of viruses.

The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening
The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening
The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening
The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening
The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening
The Clinic reopening The Clinic reopening

Update from the management of Kreativ Dental Clinic, regarding Coronavirus disease

Due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Kreativ Dental has taken the decision to cancel…

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