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Kreativ Dental Tourist Survey 2013


A brand new survey by Kreativ Dental, a dental surgery based in Budapest, Hungary reveals that 88 % of patients state cost as a factor when choosing to travel to Hungary for dentistry.

Pain is not part of Irish people’s household budgets in 2013 as more and more people decide to travel to Hungary to get their teeth done. According to a brand new survey by Kreativ Dental 31% of people said they saved between 20 and 40%, while 30 % said they saved between 40 and 50% by traveling to the Eastern European country. 43% of people spent €5000 or under on the average treatment.


Lloyd Kelly from Ballinasloe, Galway says:

‘The prices in Dublin are crazy. I was quoted around €10,000 by Irish dentists for a bridge, 6 crowns and a root canal. I had the entire treatment done in Hungary for €3,800. I appreciated the fact that the treatment was completed in less than one working week as oppose to being stretched out over a year. The dentists at my chosen clinic, Kreativ Dental were professional, thorough and I received a €180 refund towards flights and accommodation, as well a bus pass and an airport pick up. ‘The clinic in Budapest was far more advanced than anything I came across in Ireland.’

Dr. Dillies Claire, a GP and medical herbalist says:

‘I was quoted €15,000 in Ireland and ended up paying less than €6000 for several implants, a bridge, crown and root canal and some fillings in Hungary. I was extremely impressed with how advanced dentistry was in Hungary. They are years ahead of us. The clinic is extremely high end and you wouldn’t find anything like it in Ireland. There were no hidden extras and in the end I ended up paying €500 less than originally planned. Even though I went to Budapest three times, it was still worth my while financially as Hungary is very inexpensive.’

Higher rents, staff, running and equipment costs in Ireland mean we pay a lot more than our European counterparts. Implants in Hungary range from between €350 and €400, while full porcelain crowns cost €460 with metal crowns costing from €200. A bridge is €265 upwards and a root canal is €165 per canal. In Ireland costs can be up to double or triple with implants costing up to €2000 or more and root canals ranging from €200 to €400 and crowns costing around €500 upwards to €1000 pending where you go.

Thomas Dunleavy, agent for Kreativ Dental in Budapest, Hungary says:

‘There is much more interest in travel to Hungary this year than previous years. People generally make savings between 50 and 70 per cent. The bigger the procedures, the cheaper it gets. In the last ten years, dental tourism has established itself and gained a great reputation. Many people worry about aftercare, but we have clinics in Dublin that will see patients. You also get the sameTax Relief on monies spent in Hungary as you would here in Ireland on dental treatment. More and more Irish people are choosing Hungary as a dental tourist destination, not just because costs are lower, but also because the services are extremely professional and very often much better than they are in Ireland.’

The average cost of a flight to Hungary ranges between €70 and €150 pending on the time of year. According to Numeo, the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, the average price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Hungary is €4.50, while a 3 course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is €26. A cappuccino is €1.20, while a beer is cigarettes are €2.50. Accommodation ranges from €10 for a dormitory to €40 for a single room in a 3 star hotel.

In Ireland, the 1.7 million people who are paying PRSI contributions get one free check up annually and nothing else. Medical Cardholders get a free check up, two emergency fillings and an unlimited number of tooth extractions. Figures collated between 2009 and 2011 from HSE reports and Department of Social Protection statistics show a 98.3 per cent reduction in visits to the dentist since cuts were implemented in 2009. Scaling and polishing is down by 98 per cent, fillings down 45 per cent. While X rays are down 98.3 per cent.

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Survey based on 145 responses of previous Irish patients of Kreativ Dental