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Free consultation Package

Your Free Consultation and Flight package (Monday to Friday):

  • Flight Ticket reimbursed *See Conditions
  • Free one-night stay at one of our Hotels**See Conditions
  • Free Consultation and treatment plan
  • Free OPG X-ray (normal price €50)
  • Free Airport Transfers

* Conditions for reimbursement of your flight ticket

If you decide to commence your dental treatment within 6 months of having your Consultation, your flight ticket will be reimbursed as follows...If your treatment plan value is more than €1800 then your flight ticket will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of €180.

**The free night (value of standard single room) is only offered by the partner hotel if the patient spends all of the nights for that first treatment/consultation period at that same hotel.

For new patients who begin their treatment plan within 6 months of the initial consultation a further free night (value of standard single room) is offered at Hotel Helia (before 31 March 2022, or Hotel Arena from 01 April 2022)

Booking Your Free Consultation
We offer 2 options when booking your first visit to the clinic.

Option 1
Consultation only with 1 Night Free Hotel included. Visit the dental clinic for your initial Consultation, have your treatment plan drawn up, meet the staff who will be treating you, familiarise yourself with the surroundings and return at a later date to commence treatment.

Option 2
Consultation + start treatment with 1 Night Free Hotel and Flight Ticket reimbursement* included. A 3/5 day stay is suggested for your initial Consultation and to possibly commence treatment, such as dental implants or full porcelain crowns.

To Book Your Free Consultation Today, Contact Your Local Representative.

Why We Do Not Offer Consultations Locally

Our view on this is uncompromising: accurate planning of your dental treatment is vital. If the initial plan is flawed, it follows that the final result may not be the best possible outcome for you.

What happens at the typical local consultation:

  • dentist looks into your mouth and at an x-ray you have brought with you
  • A 'treatment plan' is provided to you
  • You pay for the consultation
  • When you travel abroad to the clinic for treatment we estimate that 60% of treatment plans will change dramatically

What happens at a Kreativ Dental consultation:

  • You are examined by a restorative/cosmetic dentist, and if necessary, an oral surgeon, a periodontist, an endodontist and a dental technician from the onsite laboratory
  • OPG x-rays, digital x-rays and if necessary, a CT Scan is taken
  • The dental team collaborate and may re-examine you
  • You are provided with an accurate treatment plan
  • The consultation is free

We could send a dentist to provide local consultations but the treatment plan provided may not be accurate. At best, a single dentist would provide you with a guestimate of the treatment you might need. To provide worthwhile local consultations we would need to send a team of specialists and a considerable amount of expensive equipment, unfortunately that is not possible.

We realise that the local consultation would be very convenient for you and we know that every week there are many dentists travelling abroad providing local consultations but Kreativ don't do things because everyone else is doing them, we only do something if it is the right thing to do.

At the Kreativ Dental Clinic we are regularly involved with patients who require difficult and complicated restorative dental work. It is essential that the all dental specialists who will be involved with your treatment examine you at the initial consultation and provide you with an accurate and professional plan. Working as a team, our consultations often include a chairside discussion with the patient, oral surgeon, a restorative dentist and a dental technician from our onsite laboratory. This ensures the best clinical, functional and aesthetic result is achieved.

It is also vital to have access to diagnostic tools such as OPG x-rays, digital x-rays and CAT scans, especially in cases of placing dental implants. All of the state-of-the-art equipment and all of the specialist dentists necessary for this are under the one roof in our Dental Clinic in Budapest.

It would not be possible to guarantee patients the high level of professionalism we strive for anywhere else other than on our own premises.