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A Hungarian patient presented with swollen gums. 2 months ago the patient received an implant in the upper right 4 position. The swelling was between the upper right 4 and 3. We checked the implant by taking an x-ray and found everything to be in order. In order to disinfect the swelling we cleaned the swollen area with Betadin. It is likely that the patient scraped the gum with some sort of hard food because we did not detect any pathological mutation.

One of our Hungarian patients was treated 3 weeks ago in Germany. The lower left 8 (wisdom) tooth was removed because, according to the patient's account, there was a cyst around it. The patient presented at our clinic with a swollen face and complaining of a sharp throbbing pain. We rinsed the area with Hyperol Betadin and removed bone splinters from the wound. We finally treated the patient with antibiotics. As all bone splinters have been successfully removed afterwards, the pain will subside within a short period of time and the swelling will go down.

A 31 year old man presented with a headache which had been getting worse for days. Additionally, discolouration was visible with the naked eye on the lower first molars. The patient's diagnosis was correct, we were faced with cavitied teeth. In the lower right and left number 4 teeth we prepared photopolymer fillings which have the advantage of bonding immediately through light. It is not necessary to wait even 1 to 2 minutes, and it possesses outstanding aesthetic properties.

A young male Norwegian patient had been sleeping badly for a long time, waking up tired, with a headache and stiff neck. Additionally his gum was regularly swollen and his jaw muscles hurt which is indicative of his sleeping the whole night with clenched teeth. This is also supported by the fact that we found signs of wearing in some places on his teeth. We produced for the patient a nightguard which will prevent the constant clenching of his teeth and will protect his teeth from abrasion.

A 29 year old patient complained of an annoying but not unbearable tooth pain which had been present for several days. We found deep decay in the upper right 3 tooth where we used Dycelal disinfectant in the indirect capping of the pulp, which we covered with Fuji II.LC glass ionomer cement.

The ortho-pantograph x-ray of our 50 year old Italian femaile patient showed that her upper right 6 and upper left 6 (or rather their remains) needed extracting and replacing. The extracted teeth were replaced with bridgework according to the plan. In the first stage of treatment we prepared the right and left upper 5 and 7 teeth, and removed the right and left upper roots (radixes). We took impressions for the dental laboratory and produced temporary crowns. The dental technical laboratory will produde the final crowns in under 1 week and the Italian lady’s next visit will be due in only 2 weeks’ time. This way she was able to purchase an economy flight ticket.

A young Swiss man complained of a sharp throbbing pain in his lower left teeth. The problem was caused by the severely inflamed 37. We trepanated and extirpated this number 7, which means we opened the pulp chamber and removed the inflamed nerves. We carried out the widening and cleaning with WDW Gold. We placed a Sealapex root filling and then a Fuji IX tooth filling.

A 60 year old English gentleman presented with many problems. Firstly we surgically removed teeth 12,44,45 and 48. We produced the treatment plan for the replacement of the teeth but he did not want to begin the restoration treatment on this visit.

Secondly in the right upper and lower quadrants it was necessary to remove tartar. Following the ultrasound treatment and cleaning we carried out a curettage in the deeper parts of the gum pockets. This is necessary because the deeper parts of the gum pockets are not reachable with ultrasound scaling. With the help of the appropriate instruments these areas can be cleaned for which local anaesthetic is usually required. On finishing treatment we provided our patient with oral hygiene advice for which the patient was especially grateful.

Dental Implant | Dental Crowns | Root Canal Treatment | Bone Augmentation | Dentures | General Dentistry | All