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We decided on placing an implant in the upper left 4 position of a male English patient after taking a panorama x-ray. His tooth had been extracted 3 months previously, the space was relatively fresh. The implant: Pitt Easy V-TPS. 4*10. We gave him a medicine pack (Dalacin antibiotics and Cataflam painkillers), and ice-gel pack.

One of our Irish patients had previously lost two front teeth which we replaced with implants 3 months ago. Today we are already fitting the abutments. In order to protect the restoration we have recommended producing a bite raising nightguard which the patient has agreed to. Therefore we also took impressions for the bite raising nightguard. Because this can be produced in a short space of time, it fits into the patient's stay in Hungary.

After missing teeth for a long time, our Danish patient will receive new teeth in positions upper right 4 and 6 with the help of implants. Following the sinus lift we placed the implants, and gave the patient antibiotics and painkillers (Dalacin C and Cataflam). The patient did not require a temporary restoration. In the next stage - in 4 months time - the patient will receive their teeth.

A 63 year old female patient wants implants in positions upper right 3, 5 and 6, because teeth have been missing in these positions for a long time. The lady's sinus cavity was dilated thus the bone layer needed to support the implants is too thin.

An American female patient presented with multiple missing teeth and an unremarkable resorbtion in the jaw ridge. In order to be able to place implants in positions 23,24,25,26 it was necessary to carry out a minimal sinus lift. The sinus lift is a surgical treatment which we usually carry out with local anaesthetic. In the case of this patient we used BioOss, a bone replacement material of animal origin. Because the sinus lift was not significant we carried out the bone replacement and placing of implants in only one session. We also used BioGide membrane to help the tissue to heal quicker. The collagen membrane, also of animal origin, helps the wound to heal and has a positive effect on bone regeneration as well. We will remove the patient’s stitches next week. Then a 6 month osseointegration period is necessary before we will finally be able to place the new porcelain teeth. Unusually, the lady did not want a temporary denture/crowns for the interim period.

A returning middle-aged Hungarian gentleman complained of sensitive gums which bled easily when pressure was applied in the area of tooth 47 where a dental implant was inserted many years ago. During the examination we diagnosed inflammation and periimplantitis around the implant.

The inflammation around the implant had penetrated to deeper levels and had caused the bone tissue to disappear. The cause of an infection of this nature is usually bacterial. In the pockets which had developed between the dental implant and mucosa, with a lack of regular and thorough mouth and tooth care the bacteria can easily colonize and cleaning off the tartar can be difficult. If the infection also reaches the bone tissue the implants can loosen and if left untreated the patient may lose them. Our patient’s inflammation around the implant was indeed at an advanced stage. The tissue decay had loosened the implant as well therefore we removed it. After proper cleansing of the wound we carried out a new implantation. The patient will get a new crown after the healing period.

Dental Implant | Dental Crowns | Root Canal Treatment | Bone Augmentation | Dentures | General Dentistry | All