Ceramic Department

János Rendetzky, Master Ceramist

János Rendetzky

János is Leader of the Ceramic Department where all Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns, Full Porcelain Crowns, Veneers and Inlays are skillfully crafted. Furthermore, he is one of the few exclusive demonstrators in Europe of the German company Vita which produces the best quality dental porcelain in the world.


Zoltán Török

Zoltán Török
Master Ceramist


Keve Horváth

Keve Horváth
Keve Horváth joined our team of dental technicians. He works in the Ceramic Department as a master ceramist. After he graduated in 1994, he furthered his knowledge from several symposiums in Hungary, Germany and Belgium (for example Noritake and Ivoclar). In 2006 he held a course „Esthetic Front” with a real patient presence, which is a special event in Hungary and also in Europe.



Hámoriné Kovács
Anikó Tóth Andrea Varsányi Zoltán Sugár
Anasztázia Hámoriné Kovács
Anikó Tóth
Andrea Varsányi
Zoltán Sugár

Metal and Denture Department

János Hári, Master Technician
Leader of the Metal, Denture and Plaster Department
Norbert Szakolczai
Inlay / Denturer / Cast Partial Specialist
Péter Bokor
Precision Attachments / Implant / Metal Work Specialist
János Hári
Norbert Szakolczai
Péter Bokor
László Széchényi Attila Hámori Szilvi Marcalné
László Széchényi
Attila Hámori
Szilvi Marcalné Sebestyén
Levente Vajda Norbert Tamás
Levente Vajda
Norbert Tamás

Plaster and Articulation Department

József Berta
Plaster Work / Articulation /
Die Preparation Specialist
Zoltán Szabó
József Berta
Zoltán Szabó


Phone: + 36 (1) 22 201 99

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