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What is a typical patient journey?

Arrival in Budapest

After exiting baggage claim and entering the arrivals hall Terminal 2A, Kreativ Dental patients will proceed a short distance to arrivals hall 2B. The Kreativ Dental desk is adjacent to the auto rental desks.

Judit Kovács, our airport desk coordinator, greets all Kreativ Dental patients at the desk where there is ample seating and wi-fi. Judit waits with our patients until our chauffeurs arrive to drive them to their hotels. We offer free airport transfers to all our patients.


Upon arrival at the Clinic, you should report to reception on the 1st floor. Once you have completed registration paperwork, your dental assistant will take your orthopantograph x-ray and show you to your dentist's examination room for your consultation. Your dentist will make an oral examination and evaluate your x-ray, and discuss with you your wishes and requirements. You may also need a further consultation with our Oral Surgeon, Endodontist, or Periodontist. If necessary, we are able to take a Cone Beam CT image of your cranium which can facilitate diagnoses in the case of possible implantation and root canal treatment.

Treatment Plan

Based on your consultation(s), your dentist(s) will formulate your treatment plan. You will be given all relevant information explaining the treatment(s) and then have the opportunity to discuss this plan with your dentist(s). Once you are happy with the treatment prescribed and have agreed upon the plan, you will be given your appointment times. On signing the treatment plan, the patient should pay 50% of the total amount for that first stage. The remaining 50% being payable on completing that stage.

Dental Treatment

Your dental treatment will proceed according to your treatment plan. If any changes are necessary, you will be informed of the reason for this change and will have the opportunity to discuss the consequences. Your plan will then be amended and you should sign a copy to formally agree to the changes. The number of appointment times required depends on the nature and progress of your treatment. Should you feel the need to discuss or review your treatment at any stage, the Kreativ team are always ready to help you.

Finishing Treatment and Payment

Once you have completed the treatment stage, your dental bill is calculated and you should settle your bill for that stage. Payments can be made by credit/debit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), cash, or both. If you have received a permanent restoration such as crown and bridgework, dentures, or combination work, then you will also receive a guarantee paper and information on maintaining your new dental work. Any additional aftercare information pertaining to other work carried out will also be given to you.


Once you have returned home your Kreativ Dental representative in your home country should be your first point of contact if you require any further assistance or information. We look forward to seeing all of our patients for a yearly check up once they have completed their treatment.

How do I organize my trip?

Organizing your dental appointment couldn't be easier with the help of your local agent.

Step 1
You should identify the travel dates that meet your schedule. You then check with your representative to ensure appointment availability and time required for your first consultative visit.

Step 2
Proceed with booking your flight and copy your representative with a copy of your itinerary and specific flight details.

Step 3
Determine your lodging preference. We can reserve and confirm hotel arrangements with our partner hotels. We will book your 1st appointment and hotel, then follow up with comprehensive confirmation details.

Our Kreativ Dental Airport Desk is there to greet you upon arrival. We offer arrival and departure complimentary shuttle service to your hotel or the clinic.


Where can I stay?

Kreativ Dental has negotiated discount rates for our patients with some specially selected local hotels and apartments. You have a choice of two hotels. The Amadeus hotel is a 2 minute walk to the clinic and is normally completely full of dental patients from around the world. The Hotel Arena is a short distance from the clinic and has a shuttle The Danubius Hotel showcases exclusive exercise and spa facilities to make your trip more enjoyable.

Your agent will book both your dental appointment and your lodging. We will then follow up with comprehensive confirmation details.

You can see more details of the accommodation we offer on our accommodation page.

How long should I stay for?

In all cases, a Consultation is necessary before treatment can be undertaken. It is possible to fly into and out of Budapest on the same day for your Initial Consultation.

The Consultation at our Clinic is free of charge and would inform you of your treatment options, the exact cost and time scale, including healing time (if necessary) and the number of visits that may be required.

Most patients prefer to come for the Consultation and proceed with treatment on the same visit, usually a 4-5 day stay. Alternatively once the Consultation has taken place you can return at a later date to begin your treatment.

What about the language barrier?

The dentists and support staff at Kreativ Dental all speak English, and our customer care manager Tom Emmerson is an English native speaker

How much money can I save?

On average patients can expect 50-70% savings on the cost of their dental treatment compared to current prices in the US and Canada. We provide our patients with the highest quality dental services at reasonable Hungarian prices.

How do I pay for my treatment?

We accept all most credit cards. You may also pay cash in US or Canadian dollars for a 2% discount.

What are the credentials of your dentists?

Hungarian dentists are renowned worldwide for their high qualification, expertise and practical experience. Their credentials are of Western European standard and all our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists.

What if something goes wrong after I have left Hungary?

In the unlikely event of a failure of the laboratory work, Kreativ Dental agrees to meet the cost of airline travel to and from Hungary (a value up to $250.00 US/CAN and partner hotel accommodation expenses (meals are not included) of the patient for an additional trip to Budapest to carry out any guarantee work.

Why is treatment so inexpensive?

Simply because the overheads for a dentist in Hungary are comparatively lower than in many European countries.

Where can I spend my free time?

To help you make the most of your time in Hungary a full programme of excursions are available to book directly from your hotel.Link to tourism pages

Is dental implant surgery painful?

No. An effective local anesthetic is used during the surgery so that you do not have any discomfort during the placement of the implants. The mild discomfort you might experience after surgery can be controlled with medication. Link to Implant Treatment

If I am missing several teeth, do they each have to be replaced with a separate implant?

No. If you are missing several teeth they do not each have to be replaced with a separate implant. Although implants are artificial roots, one implant can be used to replace one or more teeth by way of attaching bridgework to the implant. Each patient's needs vary and the number of implants needed for any particular patient will be determined by a number of clinical factors.

I have a full denture, is it possible to replace this using implants?

Yes. To restore one jaw (upper or lower) normally requires 6 implants followed by 12 units of bridgework at a later stage. If you are unable to recieve 6 implants or it you want a cheaper alternative, you may be able to get an implant retained denture based on 4 implants. While the treatment is in progress the patient can normally wear their denture. Link to Implant Treatment